Is your contractor state licensed?

Trotter’s General Contractors state license number is CGC1509204.

Is your contractor sufficiently insured?

Trotter’s General Contractors is fully insured with two million dollars in general liability insurance.

Does your contractor provide a list of references?

Trotter’s General Contractors pride itself on superior quality and customer service and would be happy to provide a list of references. Our goal on each project is 100% client satisfaction. Our clients are eager to share with others the positive experience they’ve had with Trotter’s.

Why do I need a General Contractor?

There are a number of reasons why it is important to use a General Contractor for a construction project:


A General Contractor can coordinate with Architects, Engineers, Local and State agencies to obtain the necessary permits required for most construction projects. If a contractor offers to perform work without a permit, be skeptical! A reputable contractor would not be willing to jeopardize their license by performing work that requires a building permit without one.

Multiple Trade Coordination 

If more than one trade (e.g. carpenters, plumbers and electricians) is involved in a project, a General Contractor is responsible for the coordination of the various trades. It is important that the phases of a project are scheduled properly. A good General Contractor views the project as a whole, and schedules and coordinates the subcontractors in a way that maximizes efficiency and prevents conflict.

Knowledge of Building Codes

Building codes were established to ensure that work done by contractors and subcontractors is done properly. In our region, susceptibility to tropical storms and hurricanes makes this especially important. Improper use of materials or improper installation can result in disaster! A good General Contractor is knowledgeable of Federal, State and Local codes, ensuring that your project is completed with the highest standards of quality and safety.

Peace of Mind 

Going through a renovation, addition or building of a home or business does not have to be a painful process! Although no one can guarantee to protect against “Acts of God,” a good General Contractor provides you with not only a quality job, but also strives to make the experience as pleasant as possible for the client. By being considerate to the needs of the client, hiring professional and friendly subcontractors and staff, providing adequate communication with the client, and keeping the jobsite clean and safe, a good General Contractor can ensure that once a project has been completed, the client has gained not only the quality of work they deserve, but an overall feeling of satisfaction with the process.